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As well as professional tuition, pupils can benefit hugely from being able to practise with a parent.

The parent, however, will not necessarily know what level of driving their child has reached or what they should be getting them to practice. Problems can also arise because the parent is not familiar with the current requirements and test processes.

To overcome these potential issues, when Green School of Motoring, Ashton Under Lyne believe the pupil to be safe on the road with a parent, I recommend they get that extra practice whenever possible but also advise what to work on and the correct way to do it. This could be as written notes, over the phone or face to face as I´m always available in the evening to discuss progress and the best way to move forward.

You´d be amazed how much quicker the test date comes along, the information is free, I´ll never be rich working this way but I get the satisfaction of knowing that a pupil has got to the test quickly because their parents and I have worked together.

I´m available evening to discuss and guide you on how to give those extra lessons.

I can also arrange for the client to get their own short or long term insurance to drive parents cars.

Here is an entry you will find in our gallery with Sean´s comments

Nathan Passed first time

Many Thanks Sean, you are an excellent instructor, I enjoyed my lessons with you.

Sean says..

Thanks Nathan you and your dad are a good example of how quickly you can pass your test.

Nathan only had about 25 hours with me, never cancelled and came out wanting to learn. His dad also took him out but constantly asks me how he should be teaching him. Therefore dad working with the instructor, Nathan was soon to pass his test with 2 minors. If only more dads were like that!

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